Business Creation Opportunities 

The West End currently has a need for the following new businesses:

  • Flour manufacturing (utilizing community co-op grain mill)

  • Plumbing contracting

  • Electrical contracting

  • Refrigeration Technician

  • Carpentry – Rough and Fine Finish

  • General Contractor

  • Senior In-Home Care

  • Root vegetable crop production (for sale in local grocers)

  • Fruit crop production (for sale in local grocers and value-added production)

  • Meat production (small scale, for sale in local grocers)

  • Outdoor Recreation Tour Guides (multiple avenues)

  • Outdoor Gear Rental Service (Bikes, helmets, etc.)

  • Home and Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Meat Processing Needed in the West End

Regional Meat Processing Feasibility Study Consultant

Request for Services

Consultant responsible for development of a feasibility study for a meat processing facility located in either San Miguel, Ouray or west Montrose counties. Position involves: understanding current & planned regional meat processing facilities; processing certifications & requirements; design and operations of a facility; & outreach to community & meat producers to evaluate the efficacy of a processing &/or storage facilities. For more information:

“Local Connector”

Will work closely with a Consultant conducting a regional meat processing feasibility study (being hired through a different RFP) & responsible for supporting Consultant in their work by connecting them to local ranchers, meat producers and other relevant stakeholders in west Montrose, San Miguel and/or Ouray counties. Unique position requires having existing connections to meat producers within West End region & understanding of meat production industry. For more information:

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